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Will You Be Expected To Pay Spousal Support? Should You Request Spousal Support?

Spousal support or alimony is often a topic of relevance to a divorce either before the divorce or as part of the divorce decree. Family law courts in New York often consider spousal support appropriate when:

  • A marriage has been long-term.
  • One spouse has earned substantially more than the other.
  • The dependent spouse has become accustomed to a lifestyle that requires support.

Variables such as the details of the property settlement and/or whether a child of the marriage will likely spend more time with one spouse will likely figure into the equation.

If you have lived as a dependent of your husband or wife in a long-term marriage, you may rightfully expect your spouse to contribute to your support during the divorce process and/or after the divorce is completed. A knowledgeable and zealous advocate on your behalf is a valuable asset as you request temporary or long-term spousal support.

Talk to me, family law attorney Timothy J. Kirwan, if you plan to divorce your spouse in Oswego County or in any nearby county. I am prepared to help you prepare compelling arguments and to represent you in divorce settlement negotiations, mediation or trial.

If, on the other hand, you earn significantly more income than your wife or husband, and she or he has been your dependent, you likely want to prevent any excessive cash outlay for support of your spouse before and/or after your New York divorce. You need a diligent, persuasive lawyer on your side as your divorce settlement is under consideration.

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