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Move Your Military Divorce Forward

Marital breakdowns occur in all income levels to people of all occupations. You may believe the military lifestyle harmed your marriage, and maybe you are right. However, many people in the army, navy, air force or marines maintain healthy marriages despite the stresses that go along with military service. Many people outside the military decide to divorce, too.

What stands out in a military divorce, then, if not the reasons for it? A few valid answers include:

  • Benefits
  • Timelines
  • Career concerns
  • Frequent moves, making the question of “Which state has jurisdiction?” relevant in many cases

Once you have arrived at the point of contacting an attorney regarding your coming New York divorce, you have likely moved on from “Why?” questions to “How?” considerations. How will you get through and move past your divorce cost-effectively? How will you ensure protection of your rights and future although you and your spouse will soon be single once again? A lawyer’s help and advice can help you keep your divorce moving forward.

Possible Career Implications

Divorce is usually a private family matter, but beware: Certain aspects of your marital breakdown may pose risks to your good standing in the army, navy, air force or marines. If your child custody case triggers discussion of extramarital affairs, for example, a military member may face punishment within the military system. The same is true of domestic violence allegations.

For Best Results, Contact An Attorney Knowledgeable About Military Benefits And Other

Whether you are a member of the military or a wife or husband of a serviceman or woman, if divorce is approaching, work with an attorney with experience handling military divorces. I am Oswego family law attorney Timothy J. Kirwan, and I welcome the opportunity to explain how I can help you understand benefits you are entitled to and how to assert your rights to them. If the military member is deployed, I can advise you of what aspects of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (formerly the Soldiers and Sailors Act) are relevant in your case, and how.

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