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Domestic Violence Charges Require A Rapid Response

If you are under accusation of domestic violence, you may lose access to your home and/or children even before a determination of guilt. Your spouse or domestic partner who reported you to the police may recant or ask to have charges dropped, but it is normally too late to make a domestic violence case disappear once police get involved.

Even if you consider a domestic violence situation to be a private matter, it is no longer private once your case enters the criminal justice system. A conviction may leave you with a criminal record that will follow you for years. It may hurt your pending child custody case, if applicable. It may limit your career options. It may damage your reputation in your social circles as well as in society at large.

For all these reasons and more, contact me, Timothy J. Kirwan, at my law office in Oswego if you face criminal charges anywhere in the area regarding alleged domestic violence or spousal abuse. I am well-prepared to fight vigorously on your behalf to:

  • Keep you out of jail or get you out of jail
  • Get your access to your home and children restored as quickly as possible
  • Get charges reduced or dismissed if possible
  • Watch out for corollary consequences such as harm to your child custody order

Domestic Violence: Where Criminal Law And Family Law Often Intersect

If a divorce is in the works or if you and your wife or husband are in conflict over child custody or related issues, I would like you to know that Kirwan Law Office is also a family law firm. I can help you address both criminal and family law matters in a coordinated fashion.

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