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If You Face Charges Of Assault Or Any Violent Crime

“Assault” is one of those broad-based legal terms that covers a wide range of incidents, from minor altercations to nearly-fatal physical attacks. If you have been accused, arrested or charged with assault and battery in or near Oswego County, Kirwan Law Office is a valuable resource. I am criminal defense attorney Timothy J. Kirwan and I welcome your inquiry. I look forward to the opportunity to listen to you story and evaluate you case in an initial consultation with no further obligation.

Were you allegedly involved a fight at a fraternity party, a road rage incident, bar room brawl or a conflict with a neighbor that got out of hand? Did your spouse or domestic partner call the police and accuse you of domestic violence during a heated argument that included physical contact and/or threats? Whatever the circumstances of your arrest on suspicion of assault, remember:

  • Do not discuss your case with anyone until you have a defense lawyer’s advice and representation. What you say can and will be used against you.
  • Even if someone was hurt, do you admit to any wrongdoing before you talk your case over with a defense lawyer.
  • Resist the temptation to take the easy way out (perhaps by pleading guilty to something you didn’t do, to get the case over with) and instead, act in your own long-term best interests (by seeking the best criminal defense you can find).

When You Are Under Suspicion Of Any Violent Crime In Oswego County, Contact Me, Defense Attorney Timothy J. Kirwan

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