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Violent Crimes: When You Need Serious, Skilled Representation

Have you been arrested on charges of robbery, assault or another violent crime? Knowing where to turn for help can make a big difference with not just your overall state of mind, but to the ultimate outcome of your case.

I’m attorney Tim Kirwan, and I have provided violent crimes defense for many clients over the years. Because I’ve been part of the legal community in Oswego for more than 20 years, I am familiar with the judges and prosecutors who would be assigned to your case. I will work to leverage what I have learned to strengthen your criminal defense.

What Do You Need To Know?

People facing serious criminal charges realize that their freedom is on the line. A conviction for vehicular homicide, aggravated assault or another violent crime could lead to a long sentence in a New York prison. When my clients meet with me, I pledge to be honest and upfront with them so that they understand the consequences of a negative outcome to their situation.

However, I also work hard on my clients’ behalf, interviewing witnesses, talking to investigators and making sure no stone goes unturned toward their defense. I know that the most successful lawyers are the ones who are the most prepared, and I will always make sure I am prepared to fight for you and your rights.

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. Please contact my office to learn about your options and what I can do to assist you. Call me at 315-326-1369 or complete and submit my firm’s online contact form.