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Traffic Violations: Make An Informed Decision About Your Defense

At some time or another, almost all of us have been pulled over for some kind of traffic violation on the streets or highways of New York. While it might be tempting to simply pay off a speeding ticket, for example, without contesting it, this may not be in your best interests when it comes to your automobile insurance.

Whether you are facing relatively minor traffic violations or a more serious charge, having an experienced criminal defense attorney such as me, Tim Kirwan, to fight for your rights and help to guide you through the court system can give you peace of mind during a difficult time.

Providing Skilled Representation For Motorists

Car insurance companies emphasize how easy it can be to purchase coverage from them. However, when you receive a traffic violation such as reckless driving on your driving record, then you can accumulate points on your driver’s license. You are hit with points for moving violations such as speeding, tailgating or texting while driving; the more points you have, the more expensive your insurance may be — if you can be covered at all.

It’s important to make sure you understand the ramifications of your decision to fight back against traffic violations — or not to challenge them. As a skilled lawyer here in Oswego, I can help you to make an informed decision that is appropriate for you.

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