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When You Are In Legal Trouble For Theft Charges, Know Your Rights

Although they are not thought of as violent crimes, instances of shoplifting, theft or financial fraud can still carry serious consequences. Prosecutors in Oswego and around New York are keen to convict people on burglary and other theft crimes when they are able to do so, even if the “victim” in the case is not a person but an institution such as a bank or retail store.

That means that mounting an effective theft crimes defense is essential for people who find themselves accused in this way. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can offer valuable advice and solid representation to people facing criminal charges involving theft.

Work With An Attorney Who Has Your Back

My name is Tim Kirwan, and I am a criminal defense lawyer here in Oswego. I stand up for the rights of individuals accused of crimes, and I can do the same for you. I represent people charged with:

  • Larceny, which can be petty larceny, a misdemeanor, or grand larceny, a felony
  • So-called white collar crimes such as fraud or embezzlement
  • Robbery and burglary charges

People unfamiliar with the criminal justice system may wonder when they should contact an attorney if they have been arrested or suspect that they might be charged. In general, you should do it as soon as possible. You do not have to tell the authorities anything or give them a statement without an attorney present. The sooner your lawyer is representing you, the sooner he can work at standing up for your rights.

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