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Sex Offenses: Your Reputation And Freedom Are On The Line

Of all the criminal charges that New York residents might face, sex crimes are among the most troubling. In addition to facing time in prison, people who are merely accused of crimes such as sexual assault are often convicted in the court of public opinion.

What this means to you is that if you find yourself facing rape charges, accused of possessing child pornography or arrested for some other similar charge, you will be facing not just criminal charges; your reputation will be at stake. A strong criminal defense can go a long way toward recovering that reputation.

Go With An Attorney You Can Trust

Convictions on sex crimes charges carry ramifications far beyond a prison sentence or fine. Depending on the nature of the charges, you may be required to register as a sex offender for a long period of time — even for life. This can make it cumbersome and embarrassing when you are looking for work or housing and have to disclose your conviction. You may even be prohibited from living in certain neighborhoods because of their proximity to schools or other public facilities.

At my law firm in Oswego, I have worked on many serious cases and developed effective sex crimes defense strategies for my clients. As a lawyer, I understand that people are innocent until proven guilty in our justice system. I take that to heart when I work on your case.

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