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The state of New York takes driving while intoxicated cases extremely seriously, meaning there is a lot riding on the outcome if you are facing DWI charges. Working with an attorney like me, Tim Kirwan, means you will have a criminal defense lawyer who has spent countless hours in court in Oswego County, New York, and has helped numerous clients resolve DWI charges favorably in your corner.

New York Law Has Severe Punishments For DWI

Everyone makes mistakes, but a DWI conviction could haunt you for the rest of your life if you do not take steps quickly to protect your rights. Some of those negative outcomes include:

  • Spending time in jail, even for a first-offense conviction.
  • Facing felony charges for a second offense or if a child younger than 16 is in the car when police stop you.
  • Facing license suspension or revocation — for up to a year if you refuse to take a breath or blood test — which can affect your ability to maintain your employment. Your license will be suspended before you even go to trial or make a plea.
  • Having to use an ignition interlock device every time you start your car.
  • Owing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines and assessments.
  • Facing skyrocketing auto insurance rates.

As your lawyer, the first thing I will examine is the legality of the traffic stop and if police illegally searched your vehicle. Remember, you do not have to consent to a search if the police do not have a warrant, and you have the right to not answer law enforcement’s questions.

Additionally, when you are arrested on suspicion of DWI, it is important that you act quickly to obtain legal representation so that you can attempt to keep your license while you await court proceedings. Call the Kirwan Law Office today at 315-326-1369 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case with me.