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College Students And Drug Crimes

Were you caught up in the dragnet of a drug bust when your roommate or housemate on campus or near campus was arrested for possession or distribution of an illegal substance such as the following?

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription drugs obtained illegally
  • Methamphetamines

Whatever the circumstances of your own arrest or inclusion in an investigation, you have much to lose if your case proceeds through criminal court. Your penalties and negative consequences may go beyond jail time to include:

  • Loss of eligibility for federally funded financial aid or student loans
  • Loss of eligibility for sports scholarships or other scholarships
  • Potential loss of opportunities such as eligibility for a dormitory resident assistant position
  • Potential costly loss of a semester’s worth of college if the criminal matter results in too much disruption to allow for successful completion of courses
  • Potential academic suspension or dismissal from the institution

A defense attorney who represents you in a criminal court may also need to intervene on your behalf before college administration review boards. Your lawyer will likely consult with both you and your parents if your parents become involved as you reach out to them to help pay legal fees.

As frightening as it is to face drug crime charges while you are still in college, rest assured that compassionate, skillful legal counsel is available. I am defense attorney Timothy J. Kirwan, and I have helped SUNY students and other college students deal with and overcome the difficulties that go along with drug-related arrests.

I am prepared to work closely with you, your parents, sports team coaches, university administrators or anyone else who advises you or supports you in your college career. I can guide you along the most promising path to a successful outcome.

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