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What is a child-centered divorce, and how can you have one?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Divorce |

Many divorcing parents in New York and around the country prefer to shield their children from the unpleasantness of their split. A child-centered divorce is the solution. Use these steps to achieve one.

Focus on your child’s needs

No matter what your child’s age, they need both parents involved in their day-to-day lives. This doesn’t change during a divorce; while you and your spouse go through the motions to prepare for the split, both of you should be as active in your child’s life as possible. Even if one of you moves out of the family home, it’s crucial to be there for them physically and emotionally.

Communicate with your child

Kids are smart and intuitive. When their parents have difficulties in their marriage and are headed toward divorce, many of them know it. Communicate clearly and sensitively with your child and explain the situation. Assure them that you and your spouse love them very much but tell them how the family is changing.

Avoid fighting in front of your child

To have a child-centered divorce, you and your spouse should avoid fighting in front of your child. Discuss your differences rationally and calmly. If you do have to argue, be respectful and avoid yelling and expressing rage. If that’s not possible, you should wait to argue out of the presence and hearing range of your child.

Use alternative methods for divorce

Parents who want to protect their children during this time might turn to alternative means such as divorce mediation. It means avoiding the traditional route of going to court for a lengthy, emotional battle that can be difficult for everyone. When you and your spouse agree to put your differences aside and work together by negotiating and compromising to reach a conclusion to your marriage, it works best for the entire family.

Child-centered divorces can benefit children and parents alike. They keep everything calmer and more civil.