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Barriers to Substance Abuse Treatment in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2022 | Drug Charges |

There are many barriers that people in New York must overcome if they want to receive substance abuse treatment. Some of those barriers are merely perceptions, while others may be reality. Race and gender affect some of these perceived barriers.

Barriers for women seeking substance abuse treatment

Analysis of the National Survey of Drug Use and Health shows that women seeking treatment feel more stigmatized but are usually younger when seeking help. There are fewer days between the onset of the substance abuse problem and seeking treatment. Women often have less access to insurance to pay for the treatment. They often worry that seeking treatment will jeopardize their child custody rights. Generally, women feel less supported by their families to get treatment than their male counterparts. They often think they cannot leave familial duties long enough to receive treatment.

Barriers for African Americans seeking substance abuse treatment

White men are the most likely to seek help for substance abuse. Individuals in the black community often think that others will perceive seeking help as a sign of weakness. Black individuals often exhibited limited knowledge about what types of support were available. They also frequently pointed to poor relationships when they tried to seek help in the past as a reason for not trying to get substance abuse help.

Barriers for Latinos seeking substance abuse treatment

People of Latin heritage were the least likely to seek substance abuse treatment. They often cited the lack of services in their native language as a barrier to getting help. Some also felt that their substance abuse was not a problem and was not ready to implement changes.

Different groups have various reasons for not getting substance abuse help.