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How can getting a DUI affect your job prospects?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | DWI/DUI |

New York residents who have been cited for driving under the influence charges can face consequences. Some of those aren’t always legal.

How a DUI could affect your job or prospects

A conviction for driving under the influence can affect your ability to get a job. However, even an arrest without a conviction can impact your job hunt. In some cases, a potential employer can ask applicants whether they have had a conviction, but they can’t ask about an arrest. As a result, some people may be able to forgo mentioning an arrest for DUI. Likewise, those who have had their conviction expunged don’t have to mention having a criminal record at all on their job applications. Some employers require background checks for all applicants, however.

A DUI can result in certain professional fields disqualifying a person from working. Those that involve working with children, driving, handling sensitive information, health care, and government or military jobs are some examples.

Other work-related issues caused by DUI

There are other work-related problems you can face if you get a DUI. If you have to drive to get to work, this can be impossible as a DUI often results in a driver’s license suspension. In this situation, you would have to find an alternative means of traveling to your job. Depending on your location, access to public transportation and whether family members or friends are able to drive you, this can be a big problem. You might be late to work and could even end up losing your job as a result.

If you’re searching for a job and your license is suspended, it can also create problems in your job search. Just like lateness at work, if you can’t drive to an interview, you might not make it in time, which would reflect badly on you in the eyes of the interviewer or hiring manager.