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Age gaps could contribute to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Divorce |

Significant age gaps may exist between married couples, and they could mean little or nothing. Many spouses enjoy a wonderful union despite one of them being much older. However, age gaps could affect a marriage, but not necessarily how people assume. That is, a significant age gap may not be as problematic as a minor one.

The slight age gap and divorce

A 2016 report presented in the Journal of Marriage and Family revealed that a three-year age gap between spouses could dramatically increase the chances of divorce. The researchers behind the study spoke to more than 3,600 couples over a multi-year period. The final analysis suggested men married to women who are three years or more years older were more likely to file for divorce than other spouses.

The report suggests such couples that fall within the noted age and gender parameters may find the chances of divorce increase by 87%. Of course, many marriages between younger men and older women work out perfectly fine. Still, the published reports point out issues of concern for spouses.

Preparing for divorce

Research and sociological studies may provide insights into human behavior, but they do not offer specific insights into why a particular couple’s marriage may fall apart. Two couples in identical age ranges may find their marriages on a completely different footing.

Several factors could cause friction in one marriage, which might not be present in the other. For example, when one spouse suffers from substance abuse issues, a marriage may suffer from significant strain.

Abuse, financial mismanagement, empty nest syndrome, and irreconcilable differences are all things that might undermine a marriage. When things pass a certain point, filing for divorce might be the appropriate solution.