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Developing a quality go-parenting plan

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When you and your spouse decide that it’s time to undergo divorce in New York, there’s a lot on your mind. One of the biggest things is protecting your children throughout the entire divorce process and afterward. Having a good co-parenting plan can be the solution that you need to ensure the overall health and well-being of your children.

Stress gets absorbed by your children

Most parents will try to avoid conflict around their children as a way to protect them. However, children actually absorb stress from their parents. Children are well known to have sensitive conflict radar detectors and pay close attention to the attitude and body language of their parents. Children can tell that you’ve been fighting over child custody due to simple gestures like hugging them in a different way. Therefore, simply arguing when your children are not in the room is not the best plan as they will still absorb the stress that you hold from the argument.

Creating a co-parenting plan

A good co-parenting plan will describe how the children will spend time with their parents and who will make decisions in different aspects of their lives. By establishing this agreement early on in your divorce, it helps to set some ground rules for both parties and minimizes the amount of conflict that both endure throughout the divorce. Your co-parenting agreement should also include agreeable terms for contacting one another and what type of information should be shared about your children.

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult for both parents. However, divorce can be extremely difficult for children, especially when parents do not have a good plan in place. By taking the time to establish a co-parenting plan that you both agree to, you can help to reduce the amount of conflict that happens between you and your former spouse.