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Calendars can be helpful in child custody cases

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As a parent, you naturally feel stressed when you have to negotiate a child custody agreement. You need to maintain a strong connection with your children despite the hostility of the other parent. Although many parents manage to arrive at an agreement without court intervention, sometimes a New York family court has to settle child custody disputes. In either situation, you could benefit from presenting clear documentation about your child’s activities and related expenses.

Examine the prior year

Whether you keep a paper calendar or track your schedule on your phone, you should gather all evidence related to what your child did over the past 12 months. This means collecting information about:

  • Participation on sports teams
  • Traveling to athletic competitions
  • Participation in other extracurricular activities
  • Medical and dental visits
  • Attendance at special events

Evidence may also include screenshot of texts, emails, social media messages and receipts for various child-related expenses. Your documentation could prove involvement in your child’s life as well as the monetary contributions necessary to support the child’s lifestyle.

Study your evidence

Your child custody dispute could expose you to questioning by the other parent’s lawyer. You can prepare for these interactions, whether they take place in or out of court, by reviewing your calendar and other records. This will strengthen your memory regarding all of the details that go into parenting your children. Your ability to provide answers and back them up with records could help you obtain the child custody or visitation schedule that you need.

The relationship between custody and support

The amount of parenting time that a family court grants you could affect the amount of child support that you pay or receive. The same evidence used to propose a custody schedule may influence the calculation of child expenses. A family law attorney might communicate these details should your case rely on a judge’s decision.